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The pharmaceutical industry production of GMP certification purified water system
The pharmaceutical industry production of GMP certification purified water system

1. The chemical industry production process water treatment system

Water solvent in the chemical industry, chemical analysis, chemical materials, cleaning products, material separation, enrichment, purification, waste recycling, etc will need to use water 20 mu s/cm ~ 0.1 mu s/cm ultrapure water of pure water or higher quality. Chemical industry places a lot of demand for pure water, ultrapure water, various applications of water quality, water quantity demand is not the same, this also lead to equipment configuration difference is very big, water softener, reverse osmosis pure water, ion exchange, pure water, ion exchange, ultrapure water, EDI electric ion ultrapure water, etc., covering almost all pure water, ultrapure water processing equipment, with application in the chemical industry, the customer in the purchase of equipment prior to confirm how the use of water quality can meet your requirements.

2 Process Process Flow

The Application field of Application

Skin care, shampoo, hair dye, toothpaste production and all kinds of cleaning fluid production with pure water

Ultrapure materials and ultra pure chemical reagents

Quartz, silicon materials production, processing and purification

Electronic semiconductor, integrated circuit boards used in chemical materials

Common solvents used in the chemical material production and processing process and cleaning process

Laboratory and pilot plant

High purity of ink, fax, printer ink, nano ink

Effluent Water quality of Outlet Water Qualit

Resistivity: 15 ~ 18.2 M Ω. Cm (25 ℃)

Electrical conductivity: < 1 mu s/cm (25 ℃)

Accord with a standard Standards

Drinking water standard (GB17324-98)

Medical purified water standard (GMP2011 version)

National electronic level quality technical indicators GB11446-1-1997

The semiconductor industry with pure water

The chemical industry production water standards

The cosmetics industry water standard"

3 the pharmaceutical industry production of GMP certification purified water system,

Along with our country to strengthen management of medical enterprise, the national pharmacopoeia and GMP standards for pharmaceutical use purified water made specific requirements. And medical dialysis water, cleaning machine water also have specific requirements, greatly improving the security of our country's medical water.

The process characteristics of the Features

Adjust measures to local conditions, according to different use point of raw water, under the premise of meeting the GMP standard requirement, to determine the treatment process of high cost performance

Design fully consider the heat source and difficult to remove the ion treatment scheme, to ensure that meet GMP pure water standards

Mature application of EDI system, make the system effluent is higher and more stable, green environmental protection at the same time

Adopt import reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate is high, long service life, low running cost, effluent is high and stable

On-line water quality monitoring control, real-time monitoring of water quality change, to ensure the safety of water quality

Automatic electric control procedure, also optional touch screen operation, easy to use, simple operation, safety

Perfect instruments, meters, online display running data, read convenient, timely and accurate

Through the membrane separation software design, the accurate design parameters, the system runs stably

Patent technology on reverse osmosis, no dead Angle design

4 Process Process Flow

The Application field of Application

Medical hemodialysis, biochemical analysis with high purified water and pure water equipment

Medical machine wash, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products with purified water purification equipment

Water, pharmaceutical, injection with sterile water, distilled water, etc

Health care products, oral liquid and water engineering for production

Purified water supply pipe, process piping design, installation, test and verify

Effluent Water quality of Outlet Water Qualit

The resistivity: > 18.2 M Ω cm (25 ℃).

Electrical conductivity: < 0.2 mu s/cm (25 ℃)

The total number of bacteria: < 2 cfu/ml

Nitrate: < 0.06 PPM

Heavy metals: < 0.5 PPM

Accord with a standard Standards

Purified water 2011 China pharmacopoeia standards

Laboratory high purified water standard

The FDA purified water standard

The purified water standard

Wfi GMP2011 version of the standard Chinese pharmacopoeia

National water disinfection supply room standard

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