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LGZ series plate type scraper bottom discharge centrifuge automatically
LGZ series plate type scraper bottom discharge centrifuge automatically

The main features

1, PLC control, program setting, no one care of automation, early feeding, filtering, washing, filtering, discharging process monitoring.

2, frequency control of motor speed, stable starting, adjustable separation factor.

3, energy consumption braking, non-contact braking mode, no friction dust pollution.

4, fully closed structure, sealers adopt silicon rubber, or fluorine rubber, centrifuge lumen nitrogen protection, which can realize airtight explosion-proof requirements.

5, reasonable structure design, online cleaning system (sprinkler system), to ensure the cleanliness requirements, conform to the requirements of GMP.

Six components adopt pneumatic system, automatic movement, clean sanitation.

7, material layer controller.

After 8 auxiliary scraper, optional gas, discharging without residual filter cake in the drum.

9, without foundation installation, compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning.

10, damping vibration isolation system design scientific and reasonable, and USES the balance blocks and import high precision liquid damping agent type vibration isolator, equipment vibration all absorbed by the vibration isolation system, no vibration interference based on the ground and the surroundings.

11, equipment basic balance board and can be used as operation platform, operation and maintenance more convenient.

12, safety protection: speed detection, vibration protection, open cover protection, motor overload overheat protection, scraper rotating, lifting machinery electrical dual control, scraper and the linkage of the drum locking.

Optional device

1, cleaning spray system; Nitrogen protection system; Material layer controller;

2, PLC program control; The hydraulic action system; Gas auxiliary scraper;

3, according to the requirements of anti-corrosion of the user's separation material choose corresponding material (SUS304, 316, 316 l, 316, titanium, hartz alloy, plastic, rubber lining, spraying halar, etc.).

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