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PGZ series fully automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge
PGZ series fully automatic scraper bottom discharge centrifuge

Product use

PGZ type/SGZ series centrifuge is a kind of intermittent operation of the filter type automatic centrifuge. Suitable for separating containing solid particles of 0.01 mm or suspension, such as granular, crystal or fibrous solid phase particles of solid-liquid separation, the machine by the host and the electric control system of the two most. PGZ/SGZ series fully automatic centrifuge with ordinary three-legged type on discharge centrifuge, compared with high efficiency, low labor intensity, smooth operation and good operating condition, can be widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, food, metallurgical and other industries.

Product structure and characteristics

SGZ, PGZ type centrifuge is a kind of scraper bottom discharge, intermittent operation of filtration equipment. Upper material by join drum, under the effect of centrifugal force field, the liquid through the filter medium discharge closed, solid phase intercept in the drum, drum with feeder shave after slow down fall from the lower part of the centrifuge. Has the characteristics of stable running, convenient operation.

SGZ, PGZ type centrifuge can be set according to the requirements of using the program, automatically finish feeding, separating, washing, dehydration, and discharge process, which can realize far and close operation. With a high degree of automation, large quantity, good separation effect, etc.

PGZ type centrifuge is cancelled traditional mounted machine leg. The tablet weight and high viscosity damping vibration isolator of vibration absorption, without foundation installation.

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