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The AUT series suspension type scraper discharge centrifuge automatically
The AUT series suspension type scraper discharge centrifuge automatically

Product features

1, PLC control, program setting, no one care of automation, early feeding, filtering, washing, filtering, discharging process monitoring.

2, frequency control of motor speed, stable starting, adjustable separation factor.

3, on the motor adopts straight association-like, avoiding the friction belt of dust.

4, large capacity, high yield, improved the production efficiency.

5, energy consumption braking, non-contact braking, no friction dust pollution.

6, fully closed structure, sealers adopt silicon rubber, or fluorine rubber, centrifuge lumen nitrogen protection, which can realize airtight explosion-proof requirements.

7, the structural design is reasonable, the online cleaning system (sprinkler system), to ensure the cleanliness requirements, conform to the requirements of GMP.

8, adopt pneumatic system, clean sanitation.

9, material layer controller.

After 10 auxiliary scraper, optional gas, discharging without residual filter cake in the drum.

11, the safety protection: speed detection, vibration protection, open cover overheating protection, overload protection, motor scraper rotating, lifting machinery electrical dual control, scraper and the linkage of the drum locking.

AUT type three foot hanging spiral blade filter automatic centrifuge, absorbing the SGZ three-legged type scraper discharge centrifuge and XJ, XR, XZ suspended centrifuge on the advantages of the two models, with the seismic resistance of centrifuge with three legs, and hanging on centrifuge, large volume and compact structure, simple transmission, good sealing, the whole machine design in line with the GMP requirements, appliance adopts advanced PLC and man-machine interface control, high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation. Is suitable for the requirements enclosed, inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive materials, widely used in chemical industry, light industry, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.

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