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GK series fully automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge
GK series fully automatic horizontal scraper centrifuge

Product structure and characteristics

Motor drive the drum to run at full speed, feed valve automatically open, suspension along a feeding tube into the drum, the liquid phase by filter and filter hole is centrifugal drum wall, from the tangential drainage hole on the chassis, solids content was cut in the drum. After reaching set time, feed stop, after a given time of separation, dehydration, washing valve action, washing liquid by washing tube into the drum, the filter cake washing, washing to continue after the separation, met the requirement of the filter cake dry degree, and then discharge, rotating scraper frame, make the knife cut the cake layer, blowing the filter cake and excluded from the hopper.

Product use

GK centrifuge is a kind of continuous operation, scraper discharge, intermittent operation of filtering centrifuge. Suitable for separating containing medium grain or fine particles (0.01 mm - 5 mm) suspension, also can separate containing short fibers (fiber length less than 4 mm) suspension; Slurry concentration range of 10% 60%. The series of centrifuge adopts hydraulic pressure and electric control method, which can realize a high degree of automation. Feed, take off the liquid, washing and discharge can be manually operation, and can realize the automatic PLC control. Due to horizontal scraper centrifuge discharge of strong adaptability for the material, which is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries of ammonium sulphate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, anthracene, boric acid, starch, pesticide, synthetic resin, sodium cyanide, potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and other hundred kinds of.

The order need to know

1, the technical parameters of the product specification shall prevail.

2, inquire, please customer details given to the material characteristic parameters and working condition requirements.

3, according to the special needs of customers, we can take the personalized design and manufacturing.

4, material: material contact part of the material can be ordinary, special stainless steel, aluminum alloy stainless steel

Or titanium alloy etc.

5, peel way: can use oil cylinder, cylinder, electric cylinder or mechanical balance, etc.

6, we can also design and manufacture according to the requirements of GMP.

7, can be agreed other technical requirements.

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