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GKH horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge
GKH horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge

Product overview

GK scraper discharge centrifuge is horizontal, wide scraper discharge, programmable automatic control, discharge gap filtering centrifuge. With hydraulic coupling transmission, smooth starting, can effectively protect the motor from the overload damage, and simplify the daily maintenance work.

When the machine operation of all processes such as feeding, washing, separating, unloading and washing net, etc are completed under the rated speed.

Design the foundation and rubber damping vibration isolation system, the machine operates smoothly, greatly reduce vibration and noise, improve the production workshop and working environment, reduces the machine vibration on the dangers of equipment, plant.

Adopting spiral conveyor discharge, the applicable scope of the material is larger, especially for the poor slip of material, which can effectively prevent plugging material.

Motion components by electric - hydraulic automatic control. Adopts advanced PLC and touch screen control (touch screen is optional), precise and reliable, small size, it can realize the man-machine dialogue, operation, maintenance is convenient.

Have independent electrical control box and hydraulic station, which can realize remote control.

Centrifuge and separation medium contact part of the materials made in stainless steel, and improve the corrosion resistance performance and health requirements of the machine.

Design the reverse flushing device (optional), to the centrifuge drum outside and inside of the shell to wash, sanitary requirements so as to achieve process.

The working principle of

Main motor hydraulic coupling, drive centrifuge drum, centrifuge drum before loading to rated speed running, open the feed valve began to feed material under the action of centrifugal force field, the filtrate by filter cloth (mesh) through the drum wall hole and filter out, through the liquid discharge pipe; Solid phase is stay inside, stay inside the drum filter cake to the amount set, stop charging, such as material need to wash the open washing valve, the filter cake washing, washing liquid filter out at the same time, continue to separate after a period of time to fulfill the requirements of separation, scraper, blowing the filter cake, the cake into the hopper of screw conveyor, the filter cake discharge, flushing device, the filter cloth (mesh), and the drum cleaning. The centrifuge into the next cycle.

After the discharge within the rotating drum filter to wash, have inside outside washing and rinsing, when applied according to the actual situation to determine cleaning cycle and washing way.

Every movement of the machine is controlled by electric - hydraulic system. Hydraulic system USES independent hydraulic station, hydraulic station, including oil absorption, oil filter, oil pump motor, check valve, relief valve, pressure gauge, accumulator, oil tank, etc.

Configuration action element:

Feed cylinder - driven feed valve action, configuration of the overflow valve is to adjust feed speed

Scraper oil cylinder - driven scraper, scraper configuration speed regulating valve for speed regulation;

Washing oil cylinder drive washing valve action;

Brake cylinder, hydraulic driving device with throttle valve adjustment for braking speed;

Each oil cylinder action by PLC control solenoid valve.

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