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PQSB plate type artificial upper unloading all clamshell centrifuge
PQSB plate type artificial upper unloading all clamshell centrifuge

The working principle of

For the separation of material by the feed tube into the high-speed centrifuge drum, under the action of centrifugal force field, the material through the filter cloth filter (filter), liquid through a liquid discharge pipe, solid phase intercept in the drum. Stay inside the drum filter cake meet the minimum charge, the machine stop feeding, to washing of filter cake, at the same time will filter out washing liquid. Met the requirement of the filter cake to take off the liquid after downtime, filter cake with artificial discharge. Enter the standby mode.

The main features

1, compact structure, structure transition round, polishing treatment on the surface, effectively eliminate health dead Angle, external structure, strong and drum made of stainless steel for centrifuge shell, drum, out of the tank for a thorough cleaning.

2, stand to the plate type structure, low gravity centre of the machine, small occupation space, easy to operate.

3, configuration, liquid damping vibration isolation effect is good, simplify the daily maintenance.

Set the feed pipe, washing on 4, flip, mirror, lighting hole. Configuration online cleaning system (optional), to centrifuge shell lining and drum inside and outside surface, set fluid inside groove surface such as centrifuge and online cleaning, to ensure the cleanliness requirements, conform to the requirements of GMP.

5, strong commonality, grain is not easy and broken, both can be used to separate solid phase for granular suspension, also can be used for the separation of fibrous materials, wide application scope.

6, using inverter start, start smooth, adjustable separation factor; Configuration nitrogen protection system (optional), which can realize airtight structure explosion-proof requirements, suitable for the application of toxic and flammable places.

Ordering instructions

Material: part contacting materials of SUS304 stainless steel, SUS316L stainless steel, titanium alloy, hartz, lining halar, etc.

Driving mode: ordinary motor or explosion-proof motor variable frequency drive.

Drainage way: mother liquid and washing liquid can be used mixed discharge or shunt.

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