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PSB/PBZ plate type artificial upper discharging clamshell centrifuge

Product structure and characteristics

Centrifuges are upper discharging closed type, intermittent operation of filtration equipment. Material is sealed casing on the feed pipe and drum, under the effect of centrifugal force field, the liquid through the filter medium discharge closed, solid phase intercept in the drum, open the machine cover from the upper discharge after downtime. With stable running, easy operation and feeding, washing, dehydration in airtight condition, etc.

No base installation, cancelled the traditional three-legged suspension structure, simplify the installation process, reasonable design, novel structure compact, beautiful appearance, convenient cleaning, foundation plate is the operation platform, operation and maintenance is convenient.

Drum, chassis, basic flat polishing treatment; All fasteners army for stainless steel; Driving components are stainless steel closed; Seals are silicone rubber, cleaning spray system, the machine meet GMP requirement.

Connect the tablet with imported high viscosity liquid damping agent type centrifuge for vibration isolation system are all energy is absorbed by the vibration isolator, no vibration interference based on the ground and surrounding equipment.

Chassis configuration fully open big clamshell, easy to discharge, good sealing, especially suitable for the solid-liquid separation of poisonous and harmful medium, use explosion-proof motor variable frequency drive, anti-static v-belts, nitrogen protection can be applied to the solid-liquid separation of inflammable and explosive material.

The whole machine, explosion-proof, cleanliness, good in sealing.

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