Product Detail
The PSD/SD series punching bag upper discharging centrifuge

Product structure and characteristics

SD/PSD centrifuge are airtight, intermittent operation, punching bag different discharge filtering equipment. Material from upper to join rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force field, the liquid through the filter medium discharge closed, solid phase intercept in the drum, with sling after downtime will block the liquid plate and the filter bag hanging out together, discharge to the designated location. Are characterized by their smooth start, adjustable separation factor, large capacity, high efficiency, simple operation, quick discharging, safety performance is good, the environment clean, low labor intensity, etc.

PSD type centrifuge is cancelled traditional legs hanging machine, tablet weight and high viscosity damping isolation vibration absorbing, without foundation installation.

Product use

SD/PSD type centrifuge is in SS three-legged type upper discharging centrifuge on the basis of the modified products. In addition to retain the advantages of the SS type centrifuge, also significantly reduces the labor intensity, quick discharging, easy to clean the filter bag, improves the production efficiency, avoid the resulting from artificial discharge pollution and scatter of finished product.

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