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SS/SB upper discharging centrifuge with three legs

Product structure and characteristics

SS/SB centrifuge are three foot type upper discharge, intermittent operation of filtration equipment. Material from upper to join rotary drum, in under the action of centrifugal force field, the liquid through the filter medium discharge closed, solid phase intercept in the drum, by artificial from the upper discharge after downtime. Has a simple structure, convenient operation, the material is not easy to broken, versatility, etc.

SB type centrifuge is to meet the pharmaceutical industry "GMP" standard design and production of clean with food hygiene requirements type centrifuge. All equipment in contact with the material surface is bright and clean, smooth, easy to clean (or sterilization), corrosion resistance, does not react with drugs or adsorption, centrifuge drum with chassis, chassis line package by both internal and external surface polishing treatment, open cover, cover out and maintained conveniently with feed pipe, washing, explosion-proof lights, wide Angle lens, etc., can be the scene monitoring the whole process of feeding, separating, washing; All fasteners are stainless steel.

SS and SB divided into basis and without foundation, foundation type pour out to the user's own foundation; Counterweight is base adopts triangle base, with a shock absorber, don't need a foundation.

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