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HR/HY automatic horizontal piston push material centrifuge
HR/HY automatic horizontal piston push material centrifuge

Product structure and characteristics

HR series of double piston push centrifuge is mainly composed of oil supply system, frame, pushing mechanism, bearing combination, drum, screen mesh, chassis and electric control cabinet and other components. Pushing mechanism, drum, screen mesh and other components through the combination of bearing support on the stand. Drainage system is also supported by frame, with cooler, casing by bearing support on the stand. The whole of rotors by triangle belt connected to the main motor pulley. Electric control cabinet is a separate system. Host after running at full speed, suspension through the feeding tube into the distribution plate, under the effect of centrifugal force, the suspension of uniform distribution on the level of the drum sieve, liquid phase by the mesh clearance holes left out of the drum and the drum wall, while the solid phase trapped on the screen as a circular cake layer. Level 1 drum rotating along the axial reciprocating telecontrol, the filter cake along the drum axial push forward, the secondary aggregate tank discharge before the drum.

Product use

HR series centrifuge with automatic continuous operation, continuous discharge, high production capacity, for crushing the grain size is small, but the traditional advantages such as washing filter cake, but also has high solid recovery, low residue in moisture content, compact structure, no peak load, quick drying, low vibration, etc. And the machine parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel so good corrosion resistance.


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