ZhSuzhou jiu shi machinery co., LTD is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta, the site of factory in zhangjiagang city often Yin sha farm development zone, east is near Shanghai, south suzhou, soil, nanjing in the west, and near to the domestic first inland free trade zone, the traffic geography position is very superior.

    The company strong technical force, complete production equipment, perfect testing means, advanced technology, products strictly in accordance with the national sovereignty issues standard < > and < < centrifuge safety requirements > > the requirements of the production, and strictly control the inspection, dynamic balance, vibration, noise, temperature rise, etc. The indicators, the product covers the SS, SD, SG, AUT of 13 series more than 50 kinds of products, mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, mining, rare earths, solid-liquid separation of environmental protection industry, our company can also according to the requirement of the user to repair, remanufacture special specifications of the centrifuge, filter press at the same time can provide you with all kinds of pump valve and all kinds of chemical products.

      Suzhou jiu shi machinery co., LTD mainly produces horizontal spiral discharge settling centrifuge, horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge, three-legged type scraper discharge centrifuge, three-legged type upper discharging centrifuge, upper discharging centrifuge three-legged type, plate type upper discharging centrifuge, the upper plate type centrifuge discharge condole, quality reliable, well received by the customers.

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